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Kevin T. Miller

Kevin T. Miller, EA, ABA

Bachelor of Science in Accounting, University of Colorado, 1988 -1992

Enrolled to Practice before the IRS – 1997

Accredited Business Accountant – 1999

Member of the Public Accountants Society of Colorado since 1993
Member of the National Society of Accountants since 1997
Member of the Accredited Council for Accountancy & Taxation since 1999

I arrived in Boulder in 1988, to attend the University of Colorado. Now it’s more than twenty years later and I’m still here! So clearly I love what Boulder has to offer. I enjoy the college town atmosphere, and it seems to be a small town in many ways. I love the diversity and entrepreneurial spirit that Boulder supports. Boulder also has easy access to the outdoors! I enjoy taking lots of hikes. I’m also an avid golfer, I spend most of the Summertime trying to get the little white ball in the hole!



  • What is EA Certification?

    • EA stands for Enrolled Agent. It is an IRS designation for a person who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the IRS. Enrolled agent status is the highest credential the IRS rewards. An EA must adhere to ethical standards and complete 72 hours of continuing education every three years.


      • The current company of Miller Tax & Accounting Inc. began in 2003, however its roots began much further back than that. Kevin started with the company as an intern while he attended the University of Colorado. At that time the business was ran by Jeanie Halbert as Halbert & Associates. Jeanie originally began her business in Boulder back in 1972 (Kevin was 3 years old in 1972). Upon his graduation in December 1992, Kevin came on board full time. Over time as Kevin earned his experience by learning every part of the business, working on business accounting and payroll, and preparing tax returns. And over time he began working with businesses and clients that had increasing complexity. In 2000, Jeanie and Kevin partnered and their business became Halbert, Miller & Associates. Kevin continued to play a larger and larger role in the practice. Then in 2003, Jeanie happily went into retirement, and Kevin took over the business as the sole owner. Over all those years Kevin has learned how operate a business and work with a multitude of clients as of their varying tax lives.


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